A Millennial’s Search for Meaning

Recently I met some pretty inspirational people, who write amazing excerpts and sing magical songs. I was inspired to be an amateur artist and so here is a poetry attempt. It is called “A Millennial’s Search For Meaning” because that is my generation, and at the moment I find myself at a crossroads about which path to take. Society prescribes a path for us all – but what if we want something different?

Here goes:

Get a career They Say.

Choose a path They Say.

Conform They Say.

Buckle Down They Say

Settle down They Say.

Jarring jumbled jargon jostling my ears!

Don’t they know the world has changed?

Look around.

Accept my generation.

We are the future:

the Lost

the Bloggers

the non-conformists

the travellers.

Let us be!


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