Foreign impressions on the land of the ‘free’


America; take one

So, to put this in perspective I am a Zimbabwean that has just got a job in South Carolina, in the great US of A. The land of opportunity and the good old American Dream! 

 Let me tell you that America can be a bombardment of the senses and the sanity! One lands in the south into a whole new universe of aliens, and yet the longer one is here it turns out that you are in fact the strange new specimen to delight this new race! For instance, you go into a grocery store and before you even enter did you know that the term “shopping trolley” is totally incorrect, and the object is in fact a cart. The mind boggles when inside the supermarket there are SO many choices- where to even begin? The ham should be simple- but there are endless choices everywhere. It is all shiny and new….appealing and delightful. You giggle and your eyes grow wide as a new born baby’s.

Take 2: The words are a jumble of “Yes ma’ams” and “y’all” to big and small. The rolling drawl of an ‘aaaaaa’ is grating, but you understand and grow to like it once the new vocabulary is learned…..That is, until football.

Well, I seem to like it here – the people are friendly and joyous – despite thinking you weird. But in good fashioned English tradition if you want a good cup of tea in america…forget it, because the land of dreams and opportunity is way too futuristic for tea! If you ask for tea, it comes cold, with ice and the sweetness bites your teeth. So, in a casual way I ask for hot tea….boy was I surprised! You see, the process of making tea here is rather strange as there is no kettle in sight! Step one: put water in mug, Step two: put mug in microwave and boil water, step three: put teabag in!

It is absurd…I hope that those of you who enjoy a good ‘cuppa’ be more aware than me and bring a kettle!


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